Sermon Videos

The Path Forward For Spiritual Growth

Where Are You Going? – Part 3

The Traits Of A Progressive Believer

Go Forward – Part 16: Where Are You Going?

Go Forward – Part 15: Where Are You Going?

Stop, Weigh, And Proceed

Why You Should Not Give Up

Fighting For Your Region, Destiny and Territory

Thanksgiving Service – July 2020

Steps To Going Forward

Going Forward In The Midst Of Challenges

A Fresh Start

People Skill Part 2

People Skill Part 1

Relationship Matters

Go Forward – Part 11

Beyond Faith

Power of Faith

Faith as an Enabler

Be Calm – Part 2

Stay Connected And Committed To Jesus

Be Calm – Part 1

Discipline Required To Move Forward

You Determine How Far You Go

Distractions Against Going Forward

Your Portion


Go Forward – Part 7

Go Forward – Part 6

Go Forward – Part 5

Go Forward – Part 4

Go Forward – Part 3

Go Forward – Part 2

Go Forward – Part 1

The Anchors of Restoration

Beyond Excitement, Desire Encounter

From A Spectator To A Spectacle

Thanksgiving Service – Dec 2019

Stay on Course

Summer Camp

Fear Not, I Will Help You

Grateful Enough?

Don’t Live Just For Yourself

Restoration With Regards To Your Relationship With God

You and Your Mindset Part 2

You and Your Mindset Part 1

Deal With My Dryness

God The Father

Encourage Yourself In The Lord

Encouraging Yourself In The Lord

A Heart that is Truly Prepared for Restoration

It Is Well

Restoration Enabled By Grace

Securing Sustainable Restoration

The Ultimate Restoration

Restoration of Glory

Wow Moment

The God of Restoration

Rebuilding the Broken Wall

Transformed for Restoration

Divine Restoration

Restoration is a Choice Part 5

Restoration is a Choice Part 4

Restoration is a Choice Part 3

Restoration is a Choice Part 2

Restoration is a Choice Part 1

Thanksgiving Enables Restoration

Restoration Begins Where Loss Started

Restoration of God’s People

Enabling Restoration Through Thanksgiving

Where are You? (A Time of Reflection)


Are You Ready?


Jesus as a Firm Foundation

A Firm Foundation

Abiding in Christ


The Dangers of Ingratitude

Men on a Mission

Keeping Hope Alive

Anchor of Hope – Part 2

Raising Children in Such a Time Like This

Anchor of Hope – Part 1

A New Foundation of Hope – Part 2

A New Foundation of Hope – Part 1

The Bridge of Hope

Why is Love the Greatest Virtue You can Have?

Why Must It Be About You?

Perfect Love of God

I Shall Recover All

Thanksgiving is a Measure of Our Appreciation of His Love

Joy Comes In The Morning

The Joy of the Father

Joy is Life

Essentials of Joyful Living

Sustainable Joy

Foundation of Joy

A Joyful Heart is a Thankful Heart

Do You Really Have Peace?

Sunday School

Broken Homes

A Happy Marriage

Peace of God – Part 3

Peace of God – Part 2

Peace of God – Part 1

A Thankful Heart is a Peaceful Heart

Foundation of Faith

Building a Family on Firm Foundation

Radically Grateful To God

Foundation of Our Faith – Part 4

Foundation of Our Faith – Part 3

Foundation of Our Faith – Part 2

Foundation of Our Faith – Part 1

Thanksgiving as a Foundation of Our Faith

Eternal Reward

The Greatest Gift

How Do We Build On A New Foundation?

God The Rewarder

God Our Rewarder

Looking Unto Jesus The Rock

What Are You Connected To?

Jesus – The Rock That Never Fails

Jesus The Rock

The Lord Is My Helper

Divine Helper

Excellent Men Anniversary – Taking Action For Your Health

Help From Above

The Fulfilled Woman

Behold, He Is In Dothan

How To Live A Fruitful Life

Fruitful Christian

Be Fruitful

Mighty Arrow

The Redeemed of the Lord

The Lord Our Redeemer

Overcoming Adversity

The Captivity of Sin

The Lord My Deliverer

A Thankful Heart

Lord, Do You Not Care?

Triumphing in Trials

Information Management

When Things Go Wrong

Lift Up Your Heads O Ye Gates – Part 1

Finishing Well and Finishing Strong – Part 1

Finishing Well and Finishing Strong – Part 2

God is Able

Thanksgiving, a Way of Life

Discernment Part 1

Discernment Part 2

Thanksgiving as a Tool and Weapon

Trade Off – Part 1

Trade Off – Part 2

Remove the Veil

Equal Opportunity Part 1

Equal Opportunity Part 2

What Time Is It?

Lessons from the prodigal son

Turn to the Lord

Which Jesus is in you?

General Videos

A Child’s Wish – Drama

If Bible Characters Were Africans – Teens Church Drama

Praise and Worship – 20th July 2014

Discussion – Marriage, Country and Relationships

Children’s Weekend – 2018

Journey To Gloryland – Drama

Children’s and Teens’ Weekend – 2017

Praise Explosion – July 2017