Rehoboth Assembly

The Rehoboth Assembly is a Parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God located in the North East axis of Calgary.

The mother Parish (Rehoboth Assembly – Doha) started as a fellowship of Christian believers in Qatar in February 2007. Pastor Toks Balogun who started the fellowship had relocated to Qatar in May 2006 on secular assignment.

The fellowship continued to grow in bounds in accordance with the word of the Lord in Acts 2:47. It was evident that people were thirsty for His Word and the home fellowship became a rallying ground for many brethren that have been yawning for something different from what was available in Doha. It became clear with the attendance growing daily that we cannot continue meeting at home due to space constraints.We sought the face of the Lord for an opening to have a meeting venue and God did answer us from the book of Gen. 26: 17-30. He promised He is going to make a room for us in the Land, thus the Rehoboth Fellowship was started.

Today, RCCG Rehoboth Assembly has been established in four other Nations, namely; Zambia, Gambia, USA (Pittsburgh) and Canada (Calgary). There are also two Parishes in Qatar.

This site is for the Calgary based Parish of RCCG Rehoboth Assembly and its affiliated to RCCG North America. We welcome you as you join us in expanding the kingdom of God in Calgary and environs. Our vision is to reach out to all nationalities in the Calgary environment and create a multi ethnic congregation in line with our vision to reach out to all races and colours.

If you are resident in Calgary, or you are visiting, we will be glad to welcome you in our worship services. You will be glad you did.

God Bless You.


Team Rehoboth

As a team, we believe it is a privileged to be considered worthy as volunteers in the household of The Lord. Our believe stem from the Knowledge that God has given each and everyone of us the grace, the ability and the gift to help in building his Church; and that includes you. ( Eph 4:7).

You too can make the difference, join us…